Why are there no trial classes?

Why isn’t class tuition prorated for late enrollment?

Why is no credit given for absences?

Group Classes are the most affordable way for individuals to learn to dance and to work on their dancing. Learning to dance (and continuing to improve ones skills) requires a strong commitment to self improvement. In being very affordable, sometimes participants neglect that commitment to self improvement and skip class. Encouraging adherence to that commitment (thus consistent attendance) is a major factor in the Policy to set a single price for all participants in a class and to provide no refunds, credit, or pro-rated tuition.

The Art of Dance knows that sometimes conflicts do occur. Illness. Injury. Family obligations. Child care issues. Work or school responsibilities. Transportation difficulties. Weather. Traffic. Parking. Many of these (and others that are not listed) seem like reasonable justifications for missing class. However, in order to continue to provide group classes that are open to the pubic, the Art of Dance and its instructors need to ensure that classes have a reasonable number of participants committed to attending.

What if I need to withdraw from class?

If there is something about the class you do not enjoy, talk with your instructor as soon as possible – during the class, even! Your instructor will make every effort to provide the environment that best serves all participants. By beginning to attend class, you do commit to attending the entire set of classes. Thus no credit or refund is available.

Why are there no drop-in classes?

Why can’t I attend a class in the next set of classes if I miss class in the current set?

In addition to all of the reasons listed above, having new participants begin attending class at random times adversely effects the dynamic in class and disrupts the learning process for the people who have committed to attending all of the class sessions. The instructor would need to spend extra time helping the drop-in participant catch up, thus unfairly devoting time away from the committed participants. Every time a class is run, even in the same dance, the material is a little bit different because the participants are different, making it difficult to just “jump in” where you missed a class.

Last Edited: 02 February 2012 at 10:11am

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