Wedding Lessons

Why take dance lessons before your reception…

You certainly want to look calm, sophisticated, and elegant for your First Dance. It looks easy when you see ballroom dancing on TV, but those couples devote the time and energy to make it look easy.

How to prepare…

Give yourself at least two months prior to your reception. The more time you give yourself, the better your first dance will be.

What you will learn….

Your First Dance can be anything you want it to be – from simple to awe-inspiring! We will teach you basic leading and following principles, as well a variety of turns, dips, and other moves.

You can improvise and combine moves as you please, or we can choreograph an entire routine for you.

What music can you use?

Is it possible to ballroom dance to your song?

We can teach you to dance to any song you want, even if it is not a typical ballroom dancing song. It is more important that you choose a song that you enjoy as a couple.

Just bring your song on CD or iPod to your lessons. If you are having a hard time choosing a song, we are happy to offer suggestions.

How many lessons will it take?

We offer a Wedding Special to get you started. If you space your lessons about a week apart (and practice at home each week), may couples without any specific previous dance or movement training can create a comfortable, romantic, and even flashy First Dance in about six weeks.

Every couple learns differently. Additional lesson packages are always available for helping you develop more elaborate First Dance choreography.

If you have dance or other movement training (ballet, modern, martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics, figure skating, etc), you can develop your material even faster.

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Additional Info...

Try our Wedding Sepcial.

Ask about Private Group Classes for the entire wedding party or as part of a bachelorette party evening!

Give the Wedding Special as a Gift Certificate.

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