Private Lessons

We offer private instruction for individuals, couples, and groups.

Individuals and Couples: (below)
Private Groups and Special Events: Private Group Classes
Engaged Couples and their families: Wedding Lessons

Each instructor sets their own prices. Contact an instructor for more information.

Private Lessons provide focused, individualized dance instruction for you or you and a partner. Your instructor will help you unlock your natural potential so you can dance to your full ability!

If you are new to dancing, private lessons are great for rapidly gaining confidence on the dance floor. If you have been dancing only socially, have been taking group classes exclusively, or dance with only one person, you may have accumulated some habits that make your dancing more difficult and less enjoyable. Your instructor will help make your dancing clean and comfortable.

Dancing should be comfortable and enjoyable for both the lead and the follow in the couple. With the guidance of your instructor, learn to increase your expressiveness, your comfort, and your ability to lead or follow well. Improvements come rapidly with the guidance of your instructor.

If you have been dancing a long time, you have taken lessons for years, or if you enjoy Competitions, Private Lessons help you to fine tune and expand your skills, to develop unique choreography, and to inspire you to new levels of achievement.

Each instructor at the Art of Dance is independent and sets his or her own prices. See Prices for all available private lesson packages. See Group Classes for all avaialable classes. Each instructor at the Art of Dance is independent and sets his or her own prices. Limitations may apply. Please see the FAQ and read the studio’s Policies.

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Private Lessons are available by appointment during many afternoon, evening, and weekend hours.

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The studio also offers Group Classes.

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