Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes are classes for groups of people whom you bring together for any number of occasions or for no reason at all. Birthday parties. Bachelorette parties. Wedding groups. Work events. Groups of friends.

If your group of friends enjoys spending time together, but the cold weather of winter puts a chill on your usual activities (sailing, hiking, volleyball, golf, etc), try taking a dance class together! Learn something about your friends and yourself at the same time. Discover a whole new activity you can do together!

Private Group Classes can be one-time events (as part of a birthday party or bachelorette party), or they can be multi-week events. In order to develop confidence as a dancer and to make your dancing more enjoyable, multi-week classes require a minimum six-week commitment with a minimum of six participants.

Scheduling is by appointment only. Afternoon, evening, and weekend hours are available. See Prices for available packages.

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Additional Info...

For multi-week events, each participant must complete our Registration and Waiver, found with all of our Registration Material.

For one-time events, the event organizer must complete our Registration, and each participant must complete the Waiver, four with all of our Registration Material.

See Prices for available packages.

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