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A dance competition is an exciting event – loud, energetic, and full of cheering! You may have seen one on television, so you know competitions look fantastic. The clothes, jewelry, and makeup – never mind the dancing! Imagine adding the dimension of being there in person.

Art of Dance takes road trips to compete in or be in the audience for a few area competitions. Being there in person, even if only to watch, is quite thrilling.

Most ballroom dance competitions have a competitive division for every skill level and every age group in that skill level – starting with “Newcomer,” for dancers with only a few months of dancing.

Competitions use a “medal” system of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can think of this as Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced skill levels. These are the “syllabus” divisions (analogous to the compulsory figures announcers discuss during Olympic figure skating). Amateurs may compete in open choreography divisions as well.

Students (meaning students of dance) compete with other students in Amateur divisions. Students dance with their teachers (professionals) but only are scored against the other student dancers (amateurs) in Pro-Am divisions. There are many skill categories.

If you are curious about competing, or if you would like to see what a competition is like, you are invited to join the studio at an upcoming event.

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