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New Dancers: Getting started

If you have never taken a dance class before, look for “New Dancer” or “101” Group Classes, or consider the New Dancer Private Lesson Special.

Learning to dance is a rewarding, confidence-building experience! All Instructors at the studio believe that partner dancing is fun, and that learning to dance should also be fun. The challenge of absorbing something new should be balanced with feeling good about learning it.

If you are new to dance, you will certainly have many questions. People of all ages, career backgrounds, and physical conditions enjoy dance. You do not need to be athletic in a traditional sense to learn to dance, though you may find dancing is a physically active hobby that you actually enjoy and thus continue doing. Dancing is much more fun than a health club for many people.

Maybe you have never danced before – you saw it on television / at a wedding / in a club – and thought, “This looks like fun.”

In Madison alone, there are about twenty social dances every month! Some are at dance studios. Some are at night clubs. Some feature a specific kind of dance, while others feature many kinds of dance. Having so many choices in dancing means you can always go to a new dance venue and meet new people.

Since you are looking for dance lessons (for yourself / for a friend / for a romantic partner), you may already know something about the kind of dance you like to learn first.

Maybe you have never danced before – you saw it on television / at a wedding / in a club – and thought, “This looks like fun.”

Maybe someone has been trying to convince you to take lessons for months or even years. (Yes, people who have been married for twenty or even more than forty years have come for their first dance lessons – presumably after years of gentle coaxing!)

The studio offers Group Classes and Private Instruction for individuals and groups. Read the information available through those pages for additional details.

You are about to begin something that can affect the rest of your life. When you learn to dance, you will always have a place to go, friends to see, and new people to meet. In addition, you will learn about yourself, what motivates you, how you handle and overcome challenges, to name only a few.

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