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Sarah is currently based out of central Connecticut. Please contact Darrell for Madison-based dance lessons.

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Sarah brings ten years of dancing experience and a background in yoga, Tae Kwon Do, and musical theater to the Art of Dance school. Her passion for expressive dancing and exciting choreography makes her a powerhouse teacher. She thoroughly enjoys working with students of all levels, and loves to find new ways to have fun on the floor!

Originally from a small town in Massachusetts, Sarah moved to Minnesota for college. In 2000, while still in school, she began taking ballroom and swing dance lessons.

She continued dancing through many more moves across the country and the world. In 2003, she settled in Madison for graduate school. She now holds an MA in Languages and Cultures of Asia, and is working on a second Master’s degree in Library Science.

In 2006, she met the owner of Art of Dance Ballroom Dance School, Darrell Dieringer, at a social dance. They compete in American Style Rhythm.

In addition to her University work, Sarah also teaches partner dance classes as an Independent Instructor through Art of Dance. While she enjoys many styles of dance, Sarah can never turn down a good West Coast Swing! Contact her here!

What of the qualifications of the dancer? She should no doubt have beauty, an expressive handsome face, wide eyes, arms like a creeper, etc. Pretty puppets and automatons may be common enough, but the art needs her who lives, embodies and dramatises rhythm through her flexions and who lives and incarnates the music in herself. Not alone her instinct for beauty and gifts of imagination, but the daring and capacity to recreate for us her vision of dance from the resources of the art are what are needed. She must bring to the art quite as much as she receives from it. … With such a performer the drabbest movements take on a new grace and content.” –Ramachandran, K. V. “The Grace-notes of dance.” The Journal of the Music Academy, Madras. Vol. 25, 1-4 (1954). 96.

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You can find Sarah Warm Up Music as well as music for every ballroom dance genre (and some non-ballroom genres) in our Media Gallery.

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