Art of Dance Ballroom Dance School was started in 2003. It is our mission to teach high quality partner dance lessons in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Dance Lessons can be fun!

We require no contracts.
Take classes and private lessons for as long as you wish.

Our Instructors teach partner dancing that incorporates full body movement, performance, choreography, personality, and excitement.

The Art of Dance offers exciting Group Classes and quality Private Lessons in the numerous forms of ballroom dancing (Partner Dancing).

The school operates private lessons and classes out of several beautiful Locations in and near Madison.

About our students

Ballroom Dancing is an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.

High school students, college students, trades people, office workers, business owners, single people, engaged couples, married people, people with children, people with dance backgrounds, people who have never been to a dance lesson, retirees, and senior citizens all Attend Classes at the studio and even participate in Competitions & Showcases. Read their Feedback.

Partner dancing and leading / following does not require couples to be men and women. Same sex couples and people who prefer dancing with others of their own gender are encouraged to enroll.

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