Dance Lessons

New to dancing? Visit our New Dancers page for information on available classes and the benefits of learning to dance.

Tired of learning from charts in a binder and foot prints on the floor? Still not dancing the way you imagine yourself dancing? You are ready for our more intuitive, connected, and expressive way of teaching.

You may want to dance for many reasons:

  • » physical fitness
  • » expanding social opportunities
  • » development of greater pride and self confidence
  • » preparation for Weddings
  • » as a romantic activity
  • » to take on new challenges and to accomplish new goals
  • » to perform and compete at large and small events
  • » to do something different and enjoyable with a group of friends
  • … and for many other reasons

See our Calendar for available classes or Contact an Instructor for more information.

Last Edited: 23 October 2012 at 6:36pm

Meet New People

Be the most popular person when you go out - learn to dance! Browse our upcoming classes and specials!