BYU Adult Dance Camp 2012

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Y Mountain

Every summer, Brigham Young University in Provo, UT (50 miles south of Salt Lake City) hosts a Ballroom Dance Camp for Adults and a Ballroom Dance Camp for Youths.

Leads Needed

I am actively recruiting dancers to attend the BYU Adult Dance Camp this summer (23-27 July 2012). Some Art of Dancers are already enrolled, but more want to attend.

Here’s the thing, the camp tries to maintain an equal balance of Leads and Follows.

At this time [March], the organizers are no longer allowing individual women to enroll unless they enroll with a man at the same time. You do not need to be partners during the camp, and you will not be sharing a room. You just need to enroll at the same time.

Darrell will match any Lead to a Follow who already wants to go! Email Darrell. Men, please contact me so I can match you with a woman from Art of Dance who is already on the wait list (otherwise the camp organizers will take whomever is at the top of their wait list).

Adult Camp

Adult Camp
    23-27 July 2012
    Registration begins Wednesday, 01 February, 2012, at 9:00 a.m. MT.

The adult camp offers a full week of dance classes, social dances, performances, and full immersion into ballroom dancing. The access to quality instruction is superb, and the instructors are the very people who often judge at dance competitions and produce dance syllabus and training material.

Enrollment is limited to 250 participants. In the years I have attended, there have been about 30-40 participants under age 30, with most of the participants ages 40 and above.

The camp is attended by mostly amateur dancers, most of whom do not compete in dancing, but rather enjoy dancing as a great hobby. Classes are offered in beginner through advanced levels and are taught by skillful nationally (and internationally) prominent dancers and dance teachers.

Private lessons are available with any of the instructors. (Look at the website links, above in the white box, to see who is teaching.)


Tuition, on-campus housing (dorms), ground transportation from Salt Lake City airport to Provo, and meals:
- $685 per person double occupancy
- $770 per person single occupancy

Meals come as a $70 campus meal card that can be used at a variety of locations on campus. Ground transportation between SLC airport and Provo estimated at $70 per person round trip. Airfare is not included in the cost.

I have no relationship with the camp or with the organizers. I am posting it here so that you may consider adding a dance camp to your summer plans.

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Published: 13 January 2012 at 10:50pm
Last Edited: 17 September 2012 at 10:13am

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Still not accepting single women enrollment?

Hello Shaon,

As far as I know, the camp is requiring each woman to register with a man. You do not need to be partners during the camp, though. It would be worth calling the camp to see if this is still the case.