Short Session Ballroom II

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Event Dates

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Occurs On...
Sat, 20 August 2011
  from 3-5pm
Sat, 27 August 2011
  from 3-5pm

Instructor: Darrell Dieringer
Enrollment: limit 30 (this is a group class)
Tuition: $25/person (see “Tuition” below for specials)
Format: two two-hour sessions (see “Format” below)
Register by 19 August 2011

Held At:
  Kanopy Dance Studio – 341 State St
  2nd floor above “The Gap” clothing store

Offered By: the Art of Dance

You do not need to enroll with a partner. Partner changes occur frequently in class.

Dances Covered:
    American Style Waltz and Tango

Please complete all pertinent Registration Material, and bring the forms with you on the first day of class along with your payment.

Makes checks payable to “Darrell Dieringer”.


This class is for you if…

  1. You already had a beginner-level (or higher) class with either Darrell or Sarah, and…
    • You are familiar with our warm-up and balance exercises
    • You want to express more personal style
    • You are ready for more isolations and fancy footwork
  2. You have not had a beginner level class with either Darrell or Sarah, but…
    • You are comfortable with Latin dance music
    • You have a good sense of balance and good endurance


Continue building on material from Summer Ballroom II. Refine your more advanced moves in Waltz, learn more Viennese Waltz, and American Tango. No partner needed. Dress comfortably for a movement class.


Students will already know basic moves and be able to identify the music for four different dances – Waltz, Tango, Fox Trot, and Merengue. Students will improve their good dance habits, emphasizing the importance of posture, frame, and connection/partnering. Students will recognize how those good habits are absolutely essential in the Leading and Following of moves, and how those good habits are what serve to make each dancer a welcome participant at any social or competitive ballroom dance event.


Each class period is two-hours, consisting of 90 minutes of instruction time followed by 30 minutes of guided practice time (where Darrell is available to help and answer questions). Class will occur on two Saturdays.


Two two-hour sessions:
– individuals: $25/person
– couples: $40/two people
No Partner is required – expect numerous partner changes. Please see the Changing Partners FAQ.

Payment is possible by cash or check (made payable to “Darrell Dieringer”). If needed, Paypal can be arranged.

Reserving Space

Please Email Darrell Dieringer to reserve space in class.

Kanopy Dance Studio

Held at:

    341 State Street,
    Madison, WI
    (608) 255-2211
    ( map | website )

Kanopy dance studio is located in Downtown Madison on State Street. Nearby parking is available in the Overture Center Parking Ramp and the Capitol Parking Ramp.

The studio is located on the second floor above the Gap clothing store. The door to enter the studio is to the left of the Gap.

Each instructor at the Art of Dance is independent and sets his or her own prices. See Prices for all available private lesson packages. See Group Classes for all avaialable classes. Each instructor at the Art of Dance is independent and sets his or her own prices. Limitations may apply. Please see the FAQ and read the studio’s Policies.

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Published: 02 August 2011 at 2:53pm
Last Edited: 02 August 2011 at 7:44pm

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