USA Dance-Madison: October dance

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Sat, 16 October 2010
  from 7-11pm

USA Dance-Madison: October dance

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USA Dance – Madison

Deb Brock
( email )

Attend the next dance of Madison’s newest ballroom dance organization: USA Dance–Madison. USA Dance is a national non-profit organization that promotes ballroom dancing. USA Dance-Madison is a local chapter of that national organization. The new Madison chapter will hire numerous area instructors, offer dance workshops and intensives, and provide a positive smoke-free alcohol-free social dance every month.

At the October dance, Maria Castello and Jacques St-Cyr will teach a beginning Argentine Tango lesson at 7:00, before the dance.

Dance demonstrations and social mixer dances will occur throughout the evening.

– 7pm: Beginner Lesson
– 8pm-11pm: General Dancing, Mixers, and Demonstrations

– $10 General Admission (Non-Members)
– $5 Members / Students
– *Annual membership dues are $25*

USA Dance social dances are a great opportunity to put all of your dance moves into action! The mix of recorded music includes Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, and many others!

Dress for USA Dance dances is dressy casual.

** ** Please bring non-street shoes to wear for dancing! ** **

Held At:

Madison Turners
3001 South Stoughton Road
Madison, WI 53716-3347
(608) 222-4922

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Published: 10 October 2010 at 11:12am
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